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IncWell Invests in Great Ideas and Great People
IncWell Invests in Great People and Great Ideas

About Incwell


About Incwell

Behind every great idea, there is a market that is big enough to grow, create, or disturb. These ideas can be classified as great when there is a great entrepreneur behind them. IncWell wants to grow great ideas into great businesses by providing funding opportunities and strategic business support to the entrepreneurs and teams we believe in.













Our vision is a shared, fully equipped office space. Demand for this space will guide us.



Growing businesses need support. IncWell can provide initial investments ranging from $50k-$250k.



An extended network of experts and leaders in the business world are available to help.



We provide access to legal support, financial guidance, and industry-specific consulting services for your startup.

Investment Focus

IncWell invests in startups with great Technology. Our focus is in both consumer-based markets and industrial markets with strong interests in clean energy technology, medical technology, healthcare advances, transportation technology, and information / apps / software technology.


Advanced Industrial Tech

If you are designing it, engineering or manufacturing it, we are your source.

In addition, IncWell invests in creative technically proficient startups and individuals who can achieve efficient and profitable productivity through an industrial technology. IncWell has a network of people that are an experience group in this area and can provide hands-on support, and honest and direct advice.

Investment Criteria

It is rather difficult to list specific criteria for the extraordinary people, ideas, and market opportunities we look to invest in, but here are a few:

• Great Entrepreneurs with passion and breakthrough ideas
• Gigantic market potential
• Investments from $50k-$250k
• Ability to lead, co-lead, or follow other firms or angels
• Great teams (if applicable)

Apply to Incwell


All ideas must be submitted via online. Send us an investor deck (10-15) slides summarizing the opportunity, to include; inspiration for the idea, product vision, competition, define what consumer needs are addressed, the leadership team, use of proceeds, etc.



NDAs Don’t Help

Share what you feel comfortable sharing. Value is produced in the execution.

The Decision Making Process

You will go through four fun steps all designed to process your application quickly. Our lead General Partner, Tom LaSorda, will make the final investment decision for IncWell. The live pitch will be the most fun. Know your business and know your numbers. Good Luck. We will help you.

Four Fun Steps

  1. Screening

    Here, all incomplete applications will be returned and will not be processed. Applications not meeting the investment criteria will be rejected and you will hear from us.

  2. The Live Pitch

    IncWell will hold meeting days inviting selected startup entrepreneurs to make their business pitch to a qualified group of general partners, key limited partners, and subject matter experts, followed by a Q&A session.

  3. Due Diligence

    A successful pitch will lead to further conversations with our team, including investors. During this time, IncWell will validate the business plan.

  4. Term Sheet

    If everything sniffs out okay – for both of us – we’ll discuss terms. We’ll make an offer with a termsheet – including clean and simple terms.

Investment Fund


Our General & Limited Partners

Top Lasorda


General Partner

Tom LaSorda has spent 30+ years in the automotive industry. Since 2009, he has invested in and mentored various start-ups. He is Founder of LaSorda Group LLC and IncWell.

John Malstrom


General Partner

John Melstrom has been a partner at Fenner Melstrom & Dooling PLC a CPA firm for 45 years and has invested in and coached startups his whole career.



General Partner

Ted Fuller is an entrepreneur who owns over 1 million square feet of real estate in Birmingham, Michigan. He was on the Board of Fidelity Bank for 21 years prior to its recent sale.

Roger Penske


Limited Partner

Roger Penske is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Penske Corporation which manages 18 different businesses with revenues in excess of $16B.

Wayne Sales headshot (1)


Limited Partner

Wayne Sales is the former CEO of the Canadian Tire Corporation and Supervalu. He is also the former owner of Retail Transformation Consulting. He currently sits on the Boards of Supervalu and Tim Hortons



General Partner

Simon Boag has over 25 years of automotive experience in a wide range of senior executive positions in Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Parts & Service at Chrysler LLC, Case New Holland, General Motors and CAMI Automotive. Appointed Managing Director of IncWell LLC on Nov. 1, 2013



Limited Partner

Stephen Polk currently serves as the President/CEO of Highgate LLC. Previously, he led R. L. Polk & Co. where he held various positions including Chairman and CEO. R. L. Polk & Co. was sold to IHS in July 2013. Stephen is involved in numerous philanthropic and business activities in SE Michigan.



Limited Partner

Ravi Sajwan has a 28 year career as a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. In addition to various investments in healthcare and technology companies, Ravi was co-founder and CTO of Ample Communications, co-founder and CTO of Acclaim Communications and co-founder and Architect at Integrated Telecom Technology.



Limited Partner

Steven Landry is Managing Director and COO for ATCO Australia. Prior to ATCO, Steven spent 27 years at the Chrysler Corporation including positions such as President of Chrysler Europe and CEO of DaimlerChrysler Canada.



Limited Partner

Brian Polowniak is a global sales leader working with companies such as Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. Brian led his own consulting company with major clients such as Delphi and is the former CEO of a medical services firm.

Glenn Stinson


Limited Partner

Glenn Stinson is the Vice President and co-Principal of several successful Michigan based companies serving the commercial interiors market. Glenn is a graduate of Michigan State University.

Keith Stinson


Limited Partner

Keith Stinson is the President and co-Principal of several successful Michigan based companies serving the commercial interiors market. Keith is a graduate of Michigan State University and has a law degree from the University of Detroit.

joe chao


Limited Partner

Joe Chao has held various senior leadership positions at Chrysler, General Motors, and international posts including first President and CEO of the Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler joint venture, and Global President and CEO of Chinese Automotive Company.



Limited Partner

John Franciosi has over 30 years of automotive industry experience in various leadership positions in manufacturing and labor relations.

Startup Resources


Who We Went To

In setting up our LLC, we found these companies very helpful. Let us know if you’d like us to make an introduction!

Dickinson Wright
Christopher Maeso

Legal Services

Dawda Mann
Ed Dawda

Legal Services

John Melstrom

Accounting Services

Sandra Stacey

Interior Design

payroll 1
Kathleen Katz

Payroll Services

Ethan Goodman

Venture Capital

Ken Barnett





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